Independent Life Insurance Agents
Committed to Service and Solutions

About Us

Agents Group of America brings together top life insurance agents around the country who are focused on delivering the right information and solutions that can empower you, giving you more and better choices about your financial future. Our general agency office is located in Venice, FL, on the southwest coast and our agents are standing by ready to help coast to coast.

We are proud to be an Independent General Agency for Kansas City Life Insurance Company. Kansas City Life is one of America's leading life insurance companies established in 1895 in Kansas City, MO. They have a home office staff today of more than 400 associates and an agency force of more than 2,500 agents serving clients in 48 states and the District of Columbia. Kansas City Life offers individual life, annuity, and group products serving more than half a million policyholders from coast to coast.

As an independent agency we know that one size does not fit all so we can also offer other products from a list of 50 other life insurance companies with product solutions that include all types of individual and joint survivor life insurance, annuities, long term care insurance, individual and Medicare Supplement insurance products.

Proud Member of


GAMA International

We are members of GAMA International, the only association dedicated to supporting the professional development of field leaders in the insurance and financial services industry.

We are committed to education, training, professional growth and a code of ethics for our agents and ourselves.

GAMA International is committed to:

  • Providing its members with world-class education and training Resources.
  • Providing a neutral venue where our members can Network with peer professionals.
  • Providing certified Awards to members who achieve standards of excellence in distribution management.
  • Expanding opportunities for professional growth through industry Leadership roles.
  • Conducting world-class, practitioner-based Research on the art and science of distribution management.
About Us

PREAMBLE: Helping my clients protect their assets and establish financial security, independence and economic freedom for themselves and those they care about is a noble endeavor and deserves my promise to support high standards of integrity, trust and professionalism throughout my career as an insurance and financial professional. With these principles as a foundation, I freely accept the following obligations:

  • To help maintain my clients’ confidences and protect their right to privacy.
  • To work diligently to satisfy the needs of my clients.
  • To present, accurately and honestly, all facts essential to my clients’ financial decisions.
  • To render timely and proper service to my clients and ultimately their beneficiaries.
  • To continually enhance professionalism by developing my skills and increasing my knowledge through education.
  • To obey the letter and spirit of all laws and regulations which govern my profession.
  • To conduct all business dealings in a manner which would reflect favorably on NAIFA and my profession.
  • To cooperate with others whose services best promote the interests of my clients.
  • To protect the financial interests of my clients, their financial products and my profession, through political advocacy.

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