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Life Insurance Scenarios

Listed below are some of life's scenarios where life insurance is very helpful.

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Life Insurance
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If You Are Single


As a single person it may first seem that there is no need for life insurance but actually the death of a single person would create financial demands on parents, siblings, other family members or friends. As a single person, consider how much money you owe others including home mortgage, auto loans or leases and final expenses.
For 2nd Marriages

2nd Marriage

A challenging and often interesting situation can be with blended families as we have come to call them. These are typically second and third marriages where we have beneficiaries that are hers, mine and ours also assets that are his, mine and ours. 

Protecting beneficiaries, equalization of assets, probate and estate planning issues should be considered with the help of a tax advisor, legal advisor and life insurance agent.
If You Are Married


Many married couples wait until they have children to buy life insurance. In addition to your final expenses, if you spouse does not work, has limited income, or has a substantial income, a rule-of-thumb that is often used is that the surviving spouse will need 2/3 of total household income to maintain lifestyle.
After Children Are Grown

Kids Grown

Many feel that once the children are out of college, there is little or no need for life insurance. This is not the case, because life insurance is still important for survivor income and for completion of retirement savings if premature death occurs. Life insurance provides money for final expenses, equalizes values distributed to your heirs and protects your legacy

The younger and healthier you are, the easier and more affordable life insurance can be to obtain, so waiting until your declining years can be costly or prohibitive.
If You Have A Family


The most obvious need is for married families with young children. Here it is easy to oversimplify and misjudge the need for coverage. A comprehensive life insurance needs analysis performed by a qualified life insurance agent or advisor is strongly recommended to consider payoffs of loans and debts, survivor needs, final expenses and estimates of actual college costs for school age children.
For Business Owners

Business Owner

To business owners, life insurance is an important planning tool to consider. If you have a business partner, a Business Continuation Plan with a Buy-Sell Agreement that is funded with life insurance can avoid big problems. If your partner has immediate family (or in some cases even extended family) that could legally step in and become your new business partner upon your partner's death, how would you view that scenario?

If you have a key employee who is an important part of the business and could take time to replace, then the death of that employee could result in substantial loss of revenue, business opportunity or both. In this case, what we call Key Employee Life Insurance can be very important.

Other Life Insurance Topics

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